Re: Free demo policies

From: Sean Dillon <>
Date: Thu 30 May 2002 09:22:17 -0600

Tom Jeffries <> wrote:

> 1. We can require a valid email address, with varying levels
> of certification of validity up to and including a requirement
> that people respond to an email sent to them before they can
> use the program. Right now our requirements are very low- the
> syntax has to be right. We get quite a few

Ideally require a valid email address in which you can include
user/serial details.

You could double that up with a real-time email validator which
shouldn't be that hard to code.

> 2. We can reduce the length of the free trial. Some of our
> competitors offer 15 day trials instead of 30, or limit the
> features.

Limiting features is probably not the way to go, personally I
want to try out a product in full to see if it will meet my
requirements in full. Restrictin functionality is a bit of
a no-no in my book and would tempt my to try another product

Reducing to 15 days just means you doing what the competition
is doing, by extending it to 30 days you're offering a distinct

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