Re: Print literature follow ups

From: Douglas Wilson <>
Date: Fri 31 May 2002 21:43:56 -0600

Gary Cooley asked:
>>>whether or not it is effective to mail a print brochure to follow up a
Web site information request?<<<

Of course it is.

One of the big conceptual problems people have with the Internet is thinking
that everything has to be done online, as if the Internet were truly another
world ("cyberspace"). However, customers live in the Real World. This
includes the Internet, but most spend a lot more time offline than online.
So it make sense for the marketer to address them offline as well as online.

A travel brochure on the coffee table, particularly if it has been requested
can be an extremely powerful piece of marketing, accessable at the
convenience of the client. They don't have to go online or fire up their
computer to read it!

The strategy of integration of mediums and messages and the synergy that
produces didn't die with the web. The Internet is not a new way to do
business, it's just another channel for doing business. When people get
that, they get an understanding of the power of integrating web marketing
with traditional marketing. I pay considerable attention to this idea in my
new book, "Web Marketing in the Real World - A Practical Manual"

Gary's clients who send out print brochures to email enquiries understand
that offline communications can be just as important as online.

Personally I'd do both - html emails or brochures and print brochures and
get some real synergy going.

Douglas Wilson
Author of "Web Marketing in the Real World
A Practical Manual"

Received on Fri May 31 2002 - 22:43:56 CDT


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