Re: Banner manager promotion help

From: Eugene Kisly <>
Date: Mon 03 Jun 2002 21:07:47 -0600

Hello everybody,

Thanks for your input. I'd like to ask some more questions.

> 3. make a chart and compare with other banner server
> software ( feature, speed )

Do you suggest setting it up on our site? Won't BanManPro and
others object?

Another concern is that not all of them are possible to
objectively test.

> 4. Look for a "strategic alliance" - maybe an internet
> hosting provider.

We will: we are working on ASP (application service provider)
version of the manager. This they will be more interested in.

> 5. Post a "free" press release.

What do you mean by "free" press release? What are the
examples of places to post it to?

We used PRNewswire service to distribute our commercial
release of the manager and got zero response from it.

> Do you have an affiliate program setup? Our affiliate
> program is the most profitable advertising method I've
> found. Pay a percentage of sales to affiliates.

Although there's a thread starting on CJ, LinkShare and such,
still I'd like to ask in what way you manage your affiliate
program? The technical side of it is quite easy. I'm mostly
concerned about the financial part of it: paying affiliates.
Although we are registered in the USA, we are based in Europe
and this limits our financial flexibility quite drastically.
What could be the ways to solve this problem?

> Join some webmaster boards and leave your site in your
> signature. Give good input to the board and they will
> in turn check out your product.

I participate in some boards and am going to join several
more. This list is a nice one too.

> There was a great article posted on "The Fuzzy Stuff"
> just the other day on this very topic. Check it out:

Thanks Don, this is a helpful article.

Eugene Kisly

Received on Mon Jun 03 2002 - 22:07:47 CDT


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