Re: Explanation of traffic drop

From: Chris Kaminski <>
Date: Tue 11 Jun 2002 15:04:31 -0500

Search engines do not crawl pages with querystrings
(anything with a ? in the URL). It is not just ASP,
but JSP, cgi, and anything else that uses the ? format.

If your site has LOADS of inbound links, then sometimes
google will index SOME of your pages with querystrings.

You are probably experiencing a few different things.

1) Most search engines point to your OLD pages. This will
be fixed automatically over the next 2 months.

2) Search engines will probably not index your ? pages

3) When ? pages ARE indexed, they rank lower than pages
without querystrings in them.

For more info on these subjects, read

Chris Kaminski

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> From: Chris Barcella []
> Sent: Tuesday, June 11, 2002 10:46 AM
> To: Online Advertising Discussion List Subscriber
> Subject: [online-ads] Explanation of traffic drop
> I am hoping someone may be able to shed some insight on a
> recent decline in traffic to our site
> We recently launched a database driven website (asp) and
> noticed traffic has been decreasing about two weeks after
> the launch. Sales/traffic were great for about two weeks
> after the launch and have trailed off since. Would
> search engine optimization help? I was told search
> engine spiders do not pick up site done in asp. Is this

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