emails and other strange stuff.

From: Pesach Lattin <>
Date: Mon 15 Jul 2002 01:40:02 -0500

John Gaskill wrote: "After all, a deleted interactive email is just as
useless as a deleted plain text email. Isn't it?"
Bob Frankel wrote: "As usual, Gaskill is dead on target. The trick to
getting people to opening your e-mail is putting something inside that
e-mail that isn't garbage, especially slow-loading, interactive garbage."

Hmm... My newsletter has over a 70% open rate on a regular basis and I am
sure it has something to do with more than my brilliant commentary. I think
part of it has to do with the following reasons:

1) I don_t use words like _Free_ or _Naked Teens_ in the subject line,
making most people think that perhaps the email will offer something of
sincere interest to them. Not that people don't like Free, Naked Teens, but
that they've learned that those emails rarely actually contain them.
2) I_m pretty sure the fact that it is a true optin list of advertising
executives, might have something to do with it. If you find that your open
rate sucks, it_s probably because you are spamming the hell out of them.
3) I have a gorgeous brunette send out the emails, and for some reason more
people actually open the emails with her name in the from line than mine.
4) Ok, it does have something to do with my brilliant commentary. Make the
writing interesting _ bland boring reporting doesn_t work. Most people
honestly don_t care about grammar in this day and age. If you have a choice
between hiring and editor and hiring someone who knows how to be witty and
interesting, hire the witty/interesting person.

   If you don_t want your emails deleted, I would agree with Bob that having
content in the email is important. I subscribe to most of the major
advertising newsletters, and at the risk of sounding any more pompous and
arrogant than usual, I have to admit most of them just spew the same junk
that the others do. Provide your users something different than the norm and
they will consistently open the emails and read them. I constantly get
feedback from readers who say the same thing over and over again: _You
newsletter is the ONLY one I read and don_t throw in the virtual garbage._

Just a few notes from the genius of THE ADBUMB
_Advertising Information Science without the Science_

Received on Mon Jul 15 2002 - 01:40:02 CDT


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