Re: Email Marketing Report

From: Mark Brownlow <>
Date: Mon 15 Jul 2002 07:38:42 -0500

> The report argues that email marketing is in
> "crisis" because people are ignoring the email
> that they've opted-in to. It goes on to
> suggest a possible solution to the problem (basically
> making your email program more interactive and
> relevant to your users).

The report simply reflects much of the best practice advice that's been
around for years (no disrespect to the author intended).

If you're in email marketing, and this report's advice comes as some kind of
revelation, then you want to set aside a few hours to catch up on some
reading... (particularly Nick Usborne and Chris Maher) (disclaimer: I own this site) suggest but a few.

BTW the author didn't mean interactivity in terms of stuffing
bells'n'whistles in HTML mail.

He meant designing your email marketing around the needs of recipients, as
expressed in sign-up forms, reader feedback etc.

Oh, and Rob Frankel is dead right when he says:

> Try putting something that's meaningful to them, not you,
> in there and see just how much better things get in a hurry.

Mark Brownlow

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Received on Mon Jul 15 2002 - 07:38:42 CDT


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