Re: Tracking and Looksmart

From: Steve Werby <>
Date: Thu 25 Jul 2002 15:27:32 -0500

"Alexis D. Gutzman" <> wrote:

> You are, of course, correct that combining the two is better,
> and there may be ways that SEs try to confirm results by sending
> different agents out from different IP addresses. And yes, of
> course, agent footprints can be spoofed.
> However, a competitor (in this example) could just fill out the form as
> Elmer Fudd and see the content that's currently protected.

True. I think I had strayed a little off-topic because I was referring to
something that had little to do with the original poster's question. And
that is that many sites serve up different versions of their pages
(supposedly optimized content and meta tags) for humans and each of the
search engine spiders they consider important. Apologies for getting

> What marketers need to understand is that *very few search engines
> matter*. Recent traffic data suggests that (at least for US traffic)
> only ~4 spiders
> matter. As of spring, SE's ranked by reach, were: Yahoo, MSN, Google, AOL,
> AskJeeves (with just under 10%). Every other "search engine" had
> considerably less.

I agree that a handful of search engines will drive the vast majority of
search engine traffic to the average site so efforts are probably best spent
on just a few. Alex, I'd add in (Open Directory Project) to the
mix since its database is freely available and used by thousands of
directories, including AOL, MSN and Netscape (unless one those recently
stopped using their data) and based on experience it indirectly provides
data to directories that collectively rank in the top 5 on sites I work
with. Not trying to split hairs, just trying to share something I think
might benefit some list members.

Steve Werby
President, Befriend Internet Services LLC

Received on Thu Jul 25 2002 - 15:27:32 CDT


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