Re: Where do I begin?

From: Steve Werby <>
Date: Thu 22 Aug 2002 14:33:08 -0500

"Ian A. Ippolito" <> wrote:
> Since you're using ASP, here is your solution...and this sort of
> thing is available (from other companies) for many other platforms as
> well. I turned Paul J. Bruemmer at Clickz onto this technique and he
> published it in his article a way back when:

Since I do very little work with ASP, I wasn't familiar with the XQASP
product, but after reading the article above and visiting the page about the
product I agree that what it does can go a long way towards improving search
engine positioning in many engines. What Ian suggests works and works well.
What's surprising is that such a small percentage of sites take advantage of
the technique and how many savvy site builders and owners think that it's
difficult to implement (the technique, not the XQASP product which I wasn't
aware of until reading the article). In a nutshell, XQASP translates URLs
with query strings (parameters after the "?") into URLs with no query
string, then interprets requests for the new URLs to allow the webserver to
retrieve the appropriate page. Granted, I do very little work with ASP and
IIS, but this is trivial to do using Apache webserver - no external product
is necessary and I'd hope the same is true in IIS, though I suspect the
referenced product makes it easier for the masses to achieve these results.
Building dynamic sites which use htm(l) extensions and no query strings for
cleaner URLs and better SE positioning requires little skill or additional
time for a decent programmer to achieve. I've been building sites this way
using PHP, Perl and ASP on servers running Apache for several years. One of
the sites I built as a public server,, has been
using this technique for the sex offender registries and news pages since
January 1999. Again, let me reiterate that building sites this way does not
require 3rd party software. 3rd party software can probably make it easier
to implement on existing sites, but I wanted to let everyone know that
achieving these results is easier than most people think.

Steve Werby
President, Befriend Internet Services LLC

Received on Thu Aug 22 2002 - 14:33:08 CDT


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