Re: Building stronger online customer relationships

From: Dejan Bizinger <>
Date: Thu 22 Aug 2002 23:02:12 -0500

Hello Stavros. Website personalization is very important in building
stronger customer relationships. I think that it is most important for
e-commerce sites. If you want to buy something you have to be
convinced that they have the best offer and that they are
professional. The most important marketing principle is that you have
to meet your customer's needs and it is best done with website

As the best example, I always use Amazon. It is an example how you can
do the things right. Beside that your name is on the first page, they
accomodate web site content so that it is related to your interest.
Their web site automatization, is beside the fact that they started
business in the early Internet days, is the most important thing why
they have became so popular.

Best regards,
Dejan Bizinger, Contributing Editor
SKYLIST Solutions

Received on Thu Aug 22 2002 - 23:02:12 CDT


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