Re: Giftgallery site problems

From: Steve Werby <>
Date: Thu 22 Aug 2002 23:05:50 -0500

"Alexis D. Gutzman" <> wrote:
> However, Google is the only search engine right now that DOES deep crawl
> sites. The reason Inktomi and others have paid-submission programs is that
> they will never get to the SECOND level of dynamic content.

Alexis, I'm not sure what you mean by second level. Can you clarify or
point me to somewhere where I can familiarize myself with what that means?

> Most of them
> will crawl the first level of dynamic pages, but they won't follow a
> link FROM a dynamically-generated page.

Do you mean that Google will index pages whose URLs contain query strings,
but will not follow a link containing a query string from a page whose URL
contains a query string? Or is my question so confusing everyone's head
will now explode? I think I may understand what you meant by second level
now. Though you said dynamic content, I think you really meant pages with
URLs that Google associates with dynamic content which AFAIK means the URL
contains a query string. Correct me if I'm wrong, but Google doesn't have a
process for determining whether the page is in fact dynamic and so long as
the page doesn't contain a query string Google will index it. In a
nutshell, those who have query strings in their URLs, but whose content
doesn't change are punished and those who have truely dynamic content on
their page, but have managed to use URLs that don't contain query strings
are rewarded. This was a good process, oh, 4 years ago, but it no longer
is. As more and more pages contain query strings because of the use of the
growth of database driven content and easy to use content management systems
and more and more dynamic pages are converted to URLs without query strings,
search engines will need to develop better processes or they'll only be
indexing a small part of the web and what is indexed will contain a growing
percentage of dynamic content anyway.

> ALL our dynamically-generated pages
> are indexed by Google. Googlebot is on our site daily spidering.

I have several sites with thousands of dynamic pages, all indexed by Google.
Of course, all of the pages have static appearing URLs (no query strings).

> When I interviewed Google in May, they specifically said they considered
> doorway pages (which is what was described) to be spam.

And for good reason. Doorway pages are attempts to bypass SE algorythms in
order to achieve better SE positioning, not that there's anything wrong with
better SE positioning. I've seen clients who used doorway pages that were
tailored and submitted to specific search engines and/or who configured
their webservers to show specific versions of web pages to specific search
engines (routing based on visitor IP). That technique worked well for a
while, but like most of the tricks that have been used, the SE have wised up
in order to maintain the effectiveness of their services. As a result, I've
seens clients who've used this technique and have been removed from SEs
because the SEs have begun spidering from IPs outside known blocks or using
humans to randomly verify the content of pages. First it was tiny text the
same color as the background loaded with popular keywords and then it was
doorway pages, reciprocal links, duplicate sites, etc. What will tomorrow

Steve Werby
President, Befriend Internet Services LLC

Received on Thu Aug 22 2002 - 23:05:50 CDT


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