Comparing traditional advertising and online ads

From: Vlad Kogan <>
Date: Tue 27 Aug 2002 07:17:21 -0500

Online advertising allow to accurately:
- calculate ROI
- Improve ROI
- Target Audience
- Find qualified leads
- Direct responds

You can tract TV advertising very accurately as well by providing unique
800 numbers to call. Then you can track how many people called and same
thing happens with the newspapers ads. You might be surprise but some
ads on TV are CPA deals. Some ads, which proven to work and been around
runs on CPA model and most of them broadcast during the nighttime.
As for Internet, advertising most important thing is technology.
Technology that allows you optimize, target, change things on the fly
and have full control over your campaign. It's amazing to see how
technology could be #1 daily tool for marketing/traffic managers.
I see so many affiliate companies fail only because they do not have
appropriate technology. Some using techniques such free PERL scripts,
some using Webtrends, and some relay on publisher technology. Smaller
affiliate programs fail because they cannot get accurate numbers,
calculate ROI I make appropriate decision on captured data. They claim
to have discrepancy. On course they would, because PERL scripts have no
cash-busing techniques, no implementation of geo-targeting of any kind,
no ability to adjust campaign and set frequency. When you talking
discrepancy - you are talking technology. Where did we just lose 40%?
Now, why would you show same ad to same visitor more then 3 times? If he
or she did not click on it, then stop showing same banner, move on, and
show something else because he or she is not interested. Why would you
allow same visitor to click on the same banner more then 3 times? Online
technology can control all this things. Let's say visitor arrived on
your landing page but he missed your point and didn't click on your
products and services. How would you know where he went after he got on
your page? Advertisers will say, "I got bunch of clicks but your traffic
is not converting therefore cancel my campaign and good luck get paid
now." Technology allowed you to track post click actions throughout
publisher's site. You will clearly see the fact such landing page
required optimization (remove unnecessary links suck as employment,
credits, point them directly to product, provide presale and post sale
information, place full company contact information etc.) Remember, they
are here because they really like content of your creative so get down
to the point. One of the tricks is to tack brand awareness. Some of the
advanced technology firms capable to provide reports on how popular your
brand is. How many people remembered your message and came back to you
later on by typing your domain name. We call this a post view tracking.

As for change of attitude towards brand, you need to play with your
creative's. It is funny to see how CTR changes based on the same banners
design but slight different background color. We often see how sales
improving when creative are carrying positive company news. I think
attitude towards brand should have something to do NOT with the product
but with actual PR of this brand. For example "Brand" Donated $700K
towards United Way. Click here to read more. CTR jumps to 10%. If you
just pound them with the products, they sick of it. They see it all over
the place. Help them to learn more. People always wonder and information
hungry. Get them on your site. Tell them the news and let them decide
what they want to do next. If I want to buy high-tech hardware for, I go to CDW or Ebay because I know price is right and good
selection and CDW does not charge us tax. Why? :-) Click here now. Whoo
Ha. I will not browse for three hours and wait for somebody to guess why
did I get online and what do I want to buy. If I see news from Compaq
(aka HP) I probably would read them and then check out similar product
on Compaq. Well, maybe this is my twisted mentality; maybe I'm wrong on
this. What's your opinion?


Vlad Kogan VP Business Development
WebMall LLC Direct (619) 461 7876
San Diego, CA Mobile (619) 962 7154

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Received on Tue Aug 27 2002 - 07:17:21 CDT


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