From: Jim Bug <>
Date: Wed 28 Aug 2002 16:35:11 -0500


Thanks for everyone's reaction to my previous post. To sum up the results
- two new systems have just applied for inclusion in my chart. The first
one has already made it in, the other one is forthcoming.

As a drawback, however it now takes an unacceptably long time for the main
page to load, so I was forced to remove some of the solutions from the
main page just to speed up the loading time. It now only shows the top
ones as sorted by a deafult scheme and the entire list has become
available only via "view all" link. Such a presentation is never
intended to serve as a guideline for a particular system choosing.

If you really intend to make the best choice for your particular needs,
fine-tune the sorting criteria yourself and don't ever rely on my
default estimations.

Cheers, Jim Bug

Received on Wed Aug 28 2002 - 16:35:11 CDT


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