Re: Appropriate address collection strategies

From: Bob Cortez <>
Date: Fri 30 Aug 2002 17:19:55 -0500

At 09:00 PM 8/29/02, Jeff Flemming wrote:

>I think I know the answer to this question, but here
>goes: Is there anyway to gather email addresses from
>various normal ecommerce activities on a website and
>then offer these people the chance to opt-in for
>special offers, info, promotions etc.

Yes, absolutely! The key is to ask for permission, not just assume you can
use the email for anything you like. For instance on your order
confirmation page you could include a check box to opt in to your
newsletter or other distribution lists. If you email an order
confirmation, you can add a paragraph and link back to your site to opt
in. You could also include the option in the order form itself, perhaps
even offer a small discount to those that opt in. If you ship a physical
product, include a note with instructions on how to opt in and the benefits
to them for doing so.

Coordinate your permission request with when you have their highest
attention, curiosity, or satisfaction with your product. Clearly identify
the benefit to them for giving you permission to email them in the
future. Then send them only items that are relevant and within the scope
of what you told them you would send.

>Also, if people are using their email addresses to
>sign in for various sections of the site, can I
>include any verbiage that gives me the opportunity to
>send email, or opt in opportunities to them.

Sure, you could make it a requirement in order to gain access. You can use
this method with site registrations to access information, software
downloads, product demonstrations, ebook access, etc. Just include a
notice on the registration form that informs them that by submitting this
form they are granting you permission to email them newsletters, updates or
other information in the future. Provide a link to your privacy policy
which details what, when and why information will be shared with any third

The alternative to this of course would be to treat your web registrations
as you would any sale, and use the same techniques as you would with a
sale. Ask for permission, but don't require it for access. Which method
you choose should be determined by what is of most value to you. If
permission to email them is of most value to you then make it a requirement
in order to gain access. If registering for the site, downloading software
or any other activity is of more value, then request their permission on
the back end or part of the registration process as an option.

The key is to ASK, don't ASSUME.

Hope this helps.

Bob Cortez
Business Development
Sling Shot Media, LLC

Received on Fri Aug 30 2002 - 17:19:55 CDT


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