Re: Google targets vs Overture targets

From: Eddie Solomon <>
Date: Mon 04 Nov 2002 10:37:49 -0600

Hi James,

I do agree with your assumption. I've been using both
Google and Overture to promote my website and I've
noticed the same response.

But if you're talking about ROI, there's one more important
factor to consider --- Google's high bidding prices.

I promote my copywriting services on both PPCs, using
almost the same keywords and phrases. Yet, I can't
remember even one single keyword that is more expensive
on Overture than on Google!

Given this fact --- and an even higher ad budget on Google,
one would expect a stronger Google response (I'm not talking
conversion rates, that's a completely different issue),
Wrong... Overture does a much better job.

So I do agree with you James...


Eddie S.
Professional Copywriting Services

The Strongest Survive, But the Best Succeed

Received on Mon Nov 04 2002 - 10:37:49 CST


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