Re: Unethical Advertising Practices

From: Darin Velin <>
Date: Wed 06 Nov 2002 18:35:43 -0600

Search Engine Watch ( has been watching this
very issue for some time. Check out there article and info regarding
the use of competitors' names and products on your web page.

While the lawsuits mostly deal with keyword meta tags, I can see how it
could easily shift over to blanket paid advertisements as well. Using a
competitors' trademark name and product is 1) copyright infringement and
2) bait and switch/deceptive advertising, both of which have a great
history of being illegal.

Hope this helps. It seems to be a very risky tactic as some big name
lawsuits have popped up regarding this.

Darin Velin
Web Marketing & Content Specialist
Microsoft Business Solutions

Received on Wed Nov 06 2002 - 18:35:43 CST


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