Re: Whose domain is that anyway?

From: Scott Allen <>
Date: Tue 19 Nov 2002 12:19:35 -0600

Totally my PERSONAL opinion, and not to be construed as legal advice...

1) I'm not sure how much of a legal leg they have to stand on, since you
are in a completely different business, and the trademark names only
protect you within the same product/service market. And it's a typical
tough-guy lawyer letter -- I don't know why everyone has to jump to
that. A simple phone call from their marketing director would have been
fine as a first step.

2) I completely see their point, though. Even though it's a different
line of business, given their business, "Image" would still be
appropriate for their product offering. It's not like you're proposing
"CreoMobile" or "CreoPet" or something. I can see where it could create

So, no offense, but while it's a decent name, it's not THAT great that
it's worth fighting about when all they've invested in so far is a few
bucks for a domain name.

What's wrong with "CreoLogo"?

I just wrote a short How-To on name creation. Perhaps it might spark
some alternatives for you...

Good luck with it!

Scott Allen
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