Reducing risk in CPA deals

From: Jeremy Swinfen Green <>
Date: Thu 21 Nov 2002 13:39:13 -0600

I am developing a cost per action product for a media owner who
wants to be paid every time he succeeds in getting one of his
users to register to receive a white paper published by a third

Obviously the third parties who pay him will want to get data to
enable them to contact the people who download the white paper.
Email addresses probably. But there is data and data!

I need a sensible way of reducing the risk to the third parties
so they don't pay for useless data. I can think of excluding the
following categories of e mail address:
1. Invalid e mail addresses (impossible syntax like "")

2. ISPs that don't exist (possible to do this via various databases I

3. Obvious sillies like "Superman@..." at any address (although on the
other hand I suppose there are always some sad people...)

4.Free de mail addresses like hotmail, bigfoot etc

5. Addresses from people in agencies and companies associated with the
client, such as my own company in this case

6. Email addresses that bounce when used

Does anyone have ideas for other risk factors that one should take
into account?

Jeremy Swinfen Green
i-level, London

Jeremy Swinfen Green
The Site Clinic
+44 (0)7855 341 589

Received on Thu Nov 21 2002 - 13:39:13 CST


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