Re: Reducing risk in CPA deals

From: John Gaskill <>
Date: Fri 22 Nov 2002 11:27:19 -0600

Jeremy Swinfen Green wrote:

> Obviously the third parties who pay him will want to get data to
> enable them to contact the people who download the white paper.
> Email addresses probably. But there is data and data!
> I need a sensible way of reducing the risk to the third parties
> so they don't pay for useless data. I can think of excluding the
> following categories of e mail address:


Consider the plight of the poor downloader!

There is no guarantee to the white paper recipient will get anything
of value for his/her time and trouble after downloading.

The publisher may charge the paper distributor what the market will
bear for such a service. That the paper offeror may want recipient
information in return is understandable, but less than sensible since
the offeror is not distributing the paper directly.

I have downloaded more than a few socalled "white papers" that
were nothing more than long promotional exercises for some web
site, company or individual and offered little in the way of valuable
information. I'm sure other here have had the same experience.

Tell the publisher to forget name collection and have the paper
authors instead focus on making their papers so informative that the
reader will move mountains to contact the author directly.

There are too many abuses of email addresses and the like at the
present time and few protections for the recipient.

Simplify your life by getting the publisher to focus on the important
part of the white papers -- the content.

John Gaskill

Received on Fri Nov 22 2002 - 11:27:19 CST


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