How to Successfully JV?

From: Michael S. DeVries <>
Date: Mon 01 Dec 2003 13:51:37 -0600

Dear Fellow ONLINE-ADS Members,

Given that we have been kinda "outta" any online advertising / internet
marketing ourselves for quite some time and don't purport to even ever
have been any good at it at that :(, and ...

It has also become quite clear to us that we are most definitely
outside of our realm of "core competencies" in these areas of online
advertising / internet marketing :( and ...

We believe that it is always wise to focus on one's core competencies
and seek the assistance of others whose core competencies lie outside
those areas of one's own

Wouldn't you all agree?

We would like to learn how to successfully seek, propose and secure
some type(s) of mutually beneficial joint ventures (JV's) with those
in the internet sales and marketing whose core competencies lie in
these areas, ok?

Unfortunately, the whole area of successfully "JVing" is also outside
of our previous experiences and current core competencies :(

Therefore, we hope that our Fellow Online-Ads Members may be willing
and able to share with us some of your experiences, "tips", helpful hints"
etc. on how does one go about getting started in successfully seeking,
proposing, negotiating, and securing various type(s) of mutually
beneficial joint ventures (JV's)?

We also hope that these discussions will be mutually beneficial
and helpful to many of our fellow Online-Ads Members! :)

Thanks you for your help! and Have a Great Day! :)

- Michael S. DeVries
  The Virtual Consulting Firm
  "Real People Providing Real Solutions in a Virtual World"

Received on Mon Dec 01 2003 - 13:51:37 CST


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