Re: Have Great Websites...How to contact media buyers

From: Bob Rains <>
Date: Tue 02 Dec 2003 10:13:44 -0600

You might want to consider talking to CTV College Television and see if they would be interested in adding
advertisements on your websites as value added. They have direct
broadcast Televisions on several major college campuses. I have found
once you have meaningful profitable relationships with a few high level
valuable advertisers, it becomes easier to get in front of the media
buyers you really want. You might also want to look into the IEG
sponsorship sourcebook, and find what companies are currently sponsoring
promotions on the campuses you have sites for. Most importantly call 10
new companies who you feel would benefit from advertising on your
website, every morning before 10am, and I'm sure you will start to see
ad revenue. It's a tough habit to get into, but it makes me money.

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