Re: Have Great Websites...How to contact media buyers

From: Leon Mergen <>
Date: Tue 02 Dec 2003 10:15:03 -0600

Sean M. Hays wrote:

>Here's your primary concern/action item: Skip the agencies and find a
>salesperson that specializes in your area (college kids) that is already
>selling advertising to potential clients. (i.e. Trogan, MTV, SallieMae,
>etc...). He/she will get the job done for you.

I feel the urge to respond here: where do you find these people? I am in
about the same situation as Chris Pitz: I have a semi-specialized
audience to my websites, have a lot of them (1 million impressions a
day), and agencies fail to properly sell advertisements (I always tell
them there are only <18 year old people on my site, yet ALL of them show
a LOT of credit-card advertisements - talk about a bad audience) ... I
have been looking for a sales person to work on a commission base, but I
always seem to end up with the wrong people... Any suggestions ?


Leon Mergen

Received on Tue Dec 02 2003 - 10:15:03 CST


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