Re: How to destroy a brand in one day

From: Jim Novo <>
Date: Mon 08 Dec 2003 08:24:33 -0600

Brad Jensen typed:

> Google says US President is perfect example of
> a "miserable failure"
> 1. go to
> Put "miserable failure" in the search box, then click "I'm feeling lucky"
> It goes to
> The bio page on the Whitehouse site for George Bush.

You don't need to click "I'm feeling lucky" or even use the quotes to get
this result. Perhaps the high ranking on this term is due to the fact this
phrase is nowhere to be found on the page or in the tags - typical of the
last Google update. Guess there is nobody on Adwords buying the phrase
"miserable failure" :0

Oh wait, but there is. Check out the AdWord for Liberal radio talk hosts.
Now it makes sense. Or does it?

Can you now buy a #1 organic listing on Google? Or at least buy some PR
(not talking about Page Rank) if your politics are OK with Google?


Received on Mon Dec 08 2003 - 08:24:33 CST


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