Re: Google ranking

From: Chris Oakley <>
Date: Fri 12 Dec 2003 09:04:06 -0600

Hi Charlie,

Part of the problem is that your site uses a lot of javascript.
That means the robot that spiders the page has a lot of stuff to
get through before it finds any relevant text.

Another big problem is that there is so little text on this
page...all graphics holds little appeal for the robot or spider.

I only took a quick look so not sure if you use a site map - but
having a link to a site map from your main page will help the
robot to find the internal pages. List the pages and wherever
possible name your pages using your keyword terms.

You also only have two inbound links - the second one is great -
totally relevant and the page linking to your site has a PR5...

You might consider trying to exhange links with other related but
non-competing sites - try to make sure that these sites have a
PR4 at least.

Try to focus the main page to one or two very specific terms -
and then use them and a couple of other similar terms in the <
body > copy. Your keyword tag is trying to cover way too much
ground. Use your internal pages to cover all the other terms.

If you aren't sure what keyword phrases are might
want to download my Keywords Primer - it will show you how to
identify the right keywords and how to use them effectively.

Go here to get a copy...

< >

Hope that helps.

Warm Regards - Chris Oakley
"The Non-Techies Guide To Top 20 Search
Engine Rankings" - Get Your FR~E Intro
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Received on Fri Dec 12 2003 - 09:04:06 CST


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