Re: Using a media buying agency

From: Cliff Kurtzman <>
Date: Tue 23 Dec 2003 11:22:28 -0600

Enda Nasution wrote:

>We are just wondering whether is better to have an interactive media buyer
>agency to put our brand on those big portals/media or is it possible to
>contacting them directly?

Good question. Certainly there is nothing to stop you from doing it
yourself. The portals will be very happy to deal with you directly.

We do a good bit of media buying for clients, so I'm admittedly
biased on this issue. From my perspective, there are a number of
advantages to using an experienced media buyer. They will be able to
use their past relationships to your advantage... for example, if we
have gotten a good deal with a specific portal for another client in
the past, odds are we will be able to get you a deal that is just as
good. An experienced media buyer's history in negotiating what is
realistic to expect in terms of rates, how to make deals off of the
rate sheet, and what terms should go in your contract, may also work
to your advantage. An experienced agency will also bring to the table
relevant capabilities in helping you develop good creative, and in
tracking and tuning your campaign once it is underway.

Most of the online portals pay the agencies a standard commission
when they make a buy for you, and the commission may cover most if
not all of the agency's media planning expense... so in some cases
there will be no additional cost to you in using the agency for the
actual media buying, and their relationships may well end up saving
you money. Strategic and creative work would probably be an
out-of-pocket expense you will bear in using an agency.

In my experience, using an agency works best when they become part of
your strategic team, helping you plan out your campaign (objectives,
portal selection, metrics, and creative development). Using an
agency works least well when they simply shop rates and pass on your
creative, without becoming a part of the strategic process.


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