Re: A Good SEO Company

From: Ronni Rhodes <>
Date: Mon 17 Jan 2005 07:32:09 -0600

Keith Hickman responded:

<I would personally be very wary of any
>search engine marketing company that
>has a Google page rank of 0>

I find this comment totally irrelevant.

Mr. Johnson's web site (
exists to answer questions for people who have
been recommended to him, to present a reasonably
professional appearance AND to show the results that
he obtains for his clients. See:

His willingness to share his results and his client's
contact information tells me I'm dealing with an
SEO professional. Their glowing testimonials
also provide additional incentive to consider his
firm's services.

There are a lot of sites with great page ranks that
don't do much business or do it successfully. The
field of dreams is littered with them.


Ronni Rhodes
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