Re: Should I sell my domain name?

From: Keith Hickman <>
Date: Mon 31 Jan 2005 09:34:40 -0600

Hi Cliff,
If it were mine, I probably wouldn't sell it at all. Consider this:
1) You have the benefit of PR7. That PR is passed on to your current site,
Adastro and Peter's Technobility site (the only two outbound links that
2) You have 360 + back links pointing to that are visible in
Google and 1000 in Yahoo! This is extremely valuable at this point it time.
3) High PR ranking sites are selling front page links like crazy. It's not
uncommon for PR 7 sites to get $100+ per text link per month. I spoke with
someone a few weeks ago that was getting $1000.00 a month per front page
link on a PR 9 site.
It's true that this could change in the future but right now it's hot.

If I owned, I would create some kind of vertical, pay for
inclusion directory out of it and sell links and sponsor spots. (possibly
themed around change management)

Side note: Need to make a DNS entry so resolves without the

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