Recommendation for Shopping Cart Expert

From: Meredith Hamilton <>
Date: Thu 23 Jun 2005 07:36:03 -0500

I am in the process of retooling our website. The person working on
most of the site does not have much experience with shopping carts and I
don't have time to pay for a learning curve. And my current cart is a
mess! We get plenty of traffic, but it stops dead at the cart. It is
not at all obvious what we carry and the buying process is far from
intuitive with far too many clicks necessary. In addition, the way it
is currently set up, when a purchase is made, the information is emailed
here and the credit card run here and the product packed and shipped
from or the drop-shipper is notified from here.
We have grown way too big for this - it is ridiculous to pay someone to
do this when it could be automated. But again, I am at a loss as to how
to do this.
Does anyone have any recommendations on a web designer or web coder that
is shopping cart savvy and could help me with all of the above? Many
Meredith Hamilton
Director of Business Operations
Expert Communications
--Expert Witness Marketing & Training

Received on Thu Jun 23 2005 - 07:36:03 CDT


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