NONE: ONLINE-ADS>> Clarification on Your Health Daily Ad Policy

ONLINE-ADS>> Clarification on Your Health Daily Ad Policy
Wed, 23 Oct 96 11:59:01 EST


Hey all,

A couple weeks back I started a thread regarding The New York Times Syndicate's advertising policy for the Your Health Daily. I was given the information by an advertising rep at a conference. I won't repeat the thread here, but in the course of our discussion it became suspect that the ad rep might have told me wrong information. I invited The New York Times Syndicate to clarify their rates and policies. Well, they did (see below my signature).

Anyone did not follow the discussion can read about in the archives at:
Subject: New Ad Model: LESS Accountability




Memo to Richard Hoy, Moderator, ONLINE-ADS
October 22, 1996

Requested Response to be posted on



Dear Mr. Hoy,

I am responding on behalf of Your Health Daily
(, a Web site of aggregated health news
produced by The New York Times Syndicate. Our site was the focus of
an ONLINE-ADS thread last week, "New Ad Model -- Less Accountability."
Chris Neimeth, my colleague at the Electronic Media Company, alerted
us to your thoughtful offer to explain the Syndicate's approach to Web

The thread began with a report from a conference that an advertising
broker had said Your Health Daily's advertising model was to sell
banners for a flat $6,000, and that the site does not sell banners
based on number of impressions. In fact, the broker's information was
INCORRECT, so the thread that followed was inadvertently off target.
Also, inaccurately, it brought The New York Times into the fray:

>Essentially, The New York Times has decided to charge a flat rate for
>online ad space, just like in print. They will not sell by
>impressions; and in fact can't even tell you how many impressions
>your ad received. Their reasoning is that AOL ... both cashes and
>mirrors Web sites ... no one really knows exactly how many times and
>Web page is being shown.

At your invitation, Chris Neimeth correctly posted to your list that
The Times's Web site ( does not produce nor
sell Your Health Daily.

Your Health Daily and Computer News Daily
( are topical news sites maintained by
The New York Times Syndicate, the world's largest news syndicator.
These sites are sold on the basis of page impressions, and
accountability is the cornerstone of our model. Advertisers can be
updated on page views and click-throughs monthly, weekly or even
daily. We offer close analysis of click-through rates, and have been
able to work with advertisers to identify the relative success of
creative executions, in a recent example resulting in a rate of 4

The AOL cache situation is interesting, but it doesn't even enter into
our thinking, much less actual ad sales policy. We are more than
happy to provide data, and we don't have a published rate of $6,000.

Based on this incident, we are taking extra steps to further
disseminate our rates and policies, inside and outside of our
organization. Accountability is important: Your Health Daily and
Computer News Daily were officially relaunched this fall, after over a
year of Beta tests. The sites have been greeted very enthusiastically
by users AND advertisers, and are fast-growing authoritative sites in
their respective topical categories.

Thanks for giving us a listen.

William K. Adler
The New York Times Syndicate
Your Health Daily - Computer News Daily
(212) 499-3313


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