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Tony Glassman (
Thu, 24 Oct 1996 12:37:44 -0400 (EDT)

I cannot help but see the web as a hockey game. Not the NHL.
Not even high school or junior....but "little kid hockey".
Reason? They (the kids) all move in a very tight, little group,
swarmming around the puck..Get it yet?...
That's what *we're* doing too! Except the puck (on the web)
is the "next big idea".
Trouble is, when the great revelations come, everybody will have
them or at least 'they'll be swarmmed over like a puck in kid's
hockey.' (TM)....and, of course, what everyone has depreciates its
value to next to nothing.
I'm very ready to hear why this isn't true, if it's not.

Say it 'aint so, Joe,*

Tony Glassman,
Curator, The Musician's Art Gallery :-)
It's the PEOPLE Who Make the Music.

Joe Hardy, after selling his soul in "Damn Yankees"


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