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Re: ONLINE-ADS>> Commercial Advertising?

David Beroff (
Wed, 30 Oct 1996 22:56:16 -0400

Steve Glover ponders:
> Has anyone ever had a client (a commercial business--not a publisher), who
> developed their website to such a value-added point that it attracted
> enough traffic to justify charging publishers or other companies for links?

While I admit that I'm not there yet, I am counting on it happening
at some point in the future, and write my contracts accordingly.
I'm assuming that barter arrangements will fly easier here; i.e.,
the Link Exchange is essentially "paying" with ad exposures,
but that works for me. :-) When real money is involved, the ethics
question starts to appear stronger.

My agreements with my clients specify that I am allowed to have
a single tag-line at the bottom of their pages, pointing back to me.
This seems very reasonable, and they are required to retain at least
that line. They have the right to refuse additional advertising, but
things like the Link Exchange can be used to either benefit them or
benefit me (or both), and my guess is that this generally will not cause
a problem. If actual money were to be generated, even though the
contracts specifically state that the client has no right to the
revenue, I don't know. On the one hand, the client owns the
intellectual material on the page. On the other hand, I am the one
responsible for generating the traffic to a given site, and so I feel
that I have some rights here. hmmm....

> This is an interesting predicament, as we are an advertising agency used to
> buying media, not selling space. Another unexpected flip-flop the web has
> brought, I suppose.

A stronger argument for barter. As with any commodity, it is more
beneficial if you don't have to buy a resource on one side and sell
it on the other. (I'm assuming that the demographics work so that
the target audiences match the needs. Obviously, if they don't, then
you can't effectively advertise client A on client B's site.)

If we can figure out the ethics, it looks like this is a win-win-win
situation. (agency / client A / client B)

-- David

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