NONE: ONLINE-ADS>> Re: Modem Media's Proposed New Ad Model

ONLINE-ADS>> Re: Modem Media's Proposed New Ad Model

Donna Dolezal Zelzer (
Tue, 24 Sep 1996 09:16:31 -0700

At 2:29 AM 9/24/96, jim waltz <> wrote these words

> If you are opposed to web ads based on the activity at the advertiser's
> site, copy this sentence in you post and explain why.

I'm opposed because the media (in this case a web page) that carries the ad
is only responsible for **providing an audience** that is **potentially**
interested in the topic of the ad.

The media is not generally responsible even for click-through rate. An
exception might be made if the web, and not the advertiser, determines the
placement of the ad on the site, and if placement is a factor in
click-throughs with that particular ad on that particular site.

The media is *never* responsible for what happens once a potential customer
actuually responds to an ad. That is totally and entirely up to the
advertiser. If they can't do their ads right, or can't design their site
right, or have crappy products to sell. that's not the media's fault. And
if they choose the wrong web pages to advertise on,thus attracting the
wrong people to their site (or not attracting anyone), that's not the
media's fault either.

It's the responsibilty of the person/agency who places the ad to choose the
specific places to advertise that are best for what's being advertised. And
if they don't work, you drop that place and go elsewhere.

I'm intensely irritated (to put it nicely) at people who think that, just
because the web allows for more detailed tracking, that suddenly all the
responsibilty for ad results should be placed on the shoulders of the

One responsibility that the media could have (and which I, personally,
would do) is to tell a potential adveriser if their product/service may not
be right for the media's audience. You may loose an ad sale, but you gain
in integrity.

Another thing the media can do is work with the advertiser to find the best
placement or combination of placements for the ads.

But in NO WAY is the media responsible for the actual activity once someone
clicks over to the advertisers site!!!!!!!!!!!!


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