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ONLINE-ADS>> Re: Modem Media's Proposed New Ad Model

william suboski (
Wed, 25 Sep 1996 01:12:22 -0400

Peter Hartley wrote...

>>>If you are in favor of paying for advertising solely based on activity at
>>>the advertiser's site, copy this sentence in your post and explain why.
>You may be able to fool some of the advertisers some of the time, but
>ultimately they will vote with their wallets and spend their dollars where
>they get the most action, measured in their terms, as opposed to where the
>so-called experts tell them they get the most exposure, measured in terms
>defined by those same advisors.

And what a nice world it would be if this were true: people are rational,
and will over time chose the best solution. Excuse me while I roll my eyes.

No, people will vote with their dollars FOR where they think they get the
most action, which is very different from the above assertion. In fact, the
excerpt above could be used to justify any excess in the name of free
enterprise. By example, "Restaurants are over-regulated. Let's scrap most of
those regulations, and let people vote with their dollars. Good restaurants
will prosper, and bad restaurants, ones that don't adhere to good food
storage practices, will go out of business." Right.

Most advertisers will have little or any comprehension of what any of these
statistics are, for God's sake. Internet advertising is potentially the
biggest scam in history...

>The technology associated with the Internet DOES allow for things to be
>measured in tangible terms, both in *YOUR* terms which some would describe
>as poorly defined and unable to be converted into genuine bottom-line
>activity or even into dollars earned, as well as into whatever terms each
>Advertiser may chose to determine (and if those do not eventually become
>dollars earned I will be happy to eat ALL my hats in public).

And how many of these advertisers are going to be at all well-educated about
what any of these terms are, outside of their specialties? Most advertisers
are not going to have even poorly-defined criteria of what a successful
campaign is...the average business-person has NO interest in anything
outside of their field and will be impatient, confused, and frustrated, by
talk of counts of "server hits", "click-throughs", "banner downloads", etc.
In general, business-people are looking for an easy-to-understand and cheap,
cheap, cheap, solution. This means that they are constantly being taken by
con-artists, and they cast a very jaundiced eye at someone who wants to
charge the professional rates necessary for an effective campaign.

I don't mean to personally attack Peter in any way...but when I read his
post, there seemed to be the naive, optimistic, and simplistic underlying
premise in his responses that people who have a good product and work hard
will get ahead...if only it were true. Most people work hard almost all
their lives, and are lucky to get two weeks a year.

>The days of meaningless theoretical BS about readerships, circulations,
>penetration, reach, exposure, and even click-thru's are about to end.
>Payment by results has long been the free-enterprise way, and it is time
>that the advertising industry as a whole woke up to itself and to what is
>happening, because it will continue to happen, regardless of whether you are
>on board or not.

Now come on...readerships, circulation, penetration, are not BS, they are
legitimate ways to measure difficult things. How long is the British
coastline? Even such a simple question is hard to will never be
the case that "payment by results", whatever that might be, will eclipse
these other notions.

And, again, what is with this invocation of The Free Enterprise System as
the ultimate Good? Do you really want to swallow penicillin manufactured in
an unregulated free enterprise system? A free enterprise system produces
penicillin ONLY because it is regulated.

>Technology has even caught up with you, now, and, like it or not, it is
>time to adapt, prove your worth or die a lingering death.

Okay, it's a big world, with a lot of room for lots of people doing lots of
different things. As an example, the GIF89a spec allows for animated GIFs,
but it is only now that we are beginning to see them. Are people who are not
using the animated GIFs dying a lingering death? there are lots of ways of
doing things. Please, tell me that you don't really equate social worth with
economic success, I find that very sad...
Keep in mind that building Stadivarius violins is incompatible with bottom
line corporate agendas, keep in mind that Eli Whitney went bankrupt
developing the cotton ginny...



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