NONE: ONLINE-ADS>> Re: Modem Media's Proposed New Ad Model

ONLINE-ADS>> Re: Modem Media's Proposed New Ad Model

S. Alles (
Wed, 25 Sep 1996 09:59:46 -0400 (EDT)

Am trying this again since last evening's post doesn't seem to have gone
through (but maybe my ISP is just dealing with a spam deluge again).

Don't want to vote, as yet anyway, but does anyone have (or know where to
get) the specifics on what MM is proposing. I've seen some pricing
suggestions in the ad trades that sound similar and am wondering if they are
along the same lines.

My first impressions on the ones I've seen has been that they were very
complicated, possibly impractical to implement, and more suited to a small
advertiser (with little or no discretionary funds) and a larger, well-funded
ad site (that could afford the risk for a share of sales, or whatever). But
again, it would be interesting to evaluate MM's details.

Can't resist commenting on some of the references to OLD media measurements
versus NEW. As someone who's been through the emergence of cable as a major
medium (and a few other things), there's a familar ring to the arguments.

At the beginning, the cable industry didn't want to be considered as a form
of television but rather as it's own unique medium with a different pricing
strategy (subscriber-based rather than audience-based). But you know how it
went with that one...."it walked like a duck, quacked like a duck".

I'm not at all for using methods just because they're established for other
media. But I think we can be just as short-sighted with the opposite
knee-jerk reaction.

Sylvia Alles
AMS Advertising Media Planning/Buying/Consulting
email: . url:

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