NONE: ONLINE-ADS>> Re: Modem Media's Proposed New Ad Model

ONLINE-ADS>> Re: Modem Media's Proposed New Ad Model

Leo Sheiner (
Fri, 27 Sep 1996 08:45:45 +0100 (BST)

>>If you are in favor of paying for advertising solely based on activity at
>>the advertiser's site, copy this sentence in your post and explain why.

"John R. Fess" <> wrote

Don't confuse what you perceive as a "trend toward accountability" with
good, old fashioned, market forces. Market forces will dictate who pays
for what, when they pay, and how.

John has really put his finger on the nub of the issue here. We all seem
agreed that the technology does make it easier and more cost-effective to
track advertising results (even to the point where the client uses the
product). That technology must have an effect upon the way business will be
done but ultimately buyers and sellers make decisions based on market
forces. And here is another effect of this new technology - a virtually
unlimited supply. The Web has a richness of supply that vastly overshadows
the older media where economics limits the advertisers choice to some
degree. Sure, there are only a handfull of sites like Yahoo that concentrate
large numbers each day, but the shrewd advertiser can cherrypick from any
number of sites that in total can equal the numbers of the web supersites
and can also target the audience effectively. I would venture that this
substantial excess of supply over demand will mean the advertiser will have
the power to dictate whatever terms they want. Combine that with the
possibilities offered by technology and results oriented payment is in my
view inevitable. I am about to put this thesis to the test (whenever my
programmers get done). I will be offering a good results oriented
advertising deal. I am not too bothered if initially 9 out of 10 say no
because I believe there will be some that will say yes. If they are then
seen to benefit from selling my new product, I will no longer be seeking but
selecting from potential advertising sites aplenty who will come knocking at
my virtual door.


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