NONE: ONLINE-ADS>> Re: Subcontractors are left out on the internet!

ONLINE-ADS>> Re: Subcontractors are left out on the internet!

Tommy Oddo (
Fri, 27 Sep 96 17:52:27 -0000

>To Online :
>There seems that there is this big international push on the internet
>and the local people that want a piece of the internet pie are not
>getting anything for thier efforts. You search in all the major search
>engines and what do you come up with is almost nothing related to the
>thing you typed in. What could happen unless some brave local souls do
>somthing, is the people that are in the building trades such as me.Are
>going to get discouraged and get out of the internet.The big software
>businesses are pushing their great products for web page making. What
>good is it doing for the small local guy.Sure out of every few thousand
>are so individuals some one gets lucky and has a notable web page but
>that is very remote.You can almost see it happening again on the web Big
>companies get on make their millions,the little guy gets buried.And that
>could very well happen to. The more popular the prime spots are to place
>your add on.The more its going to cost.

I respectfully disagree. I'm as "little" as they come, and at the moment,
I'm getting buried with *work*. Perhaps this is partly because I am not
relying soley on the web to promote my site/company. "Field of Dreams"
was a great movie but it doesn't work on the web.

>In my opinion the internet and web pages are to good a thing to get
>swallowed up by the corporations that are trying take it over.
>I know there is a need for what I do and that is install Ceramic and
>other types of tile.We do great work.And I know that there must be
>homeowners out there on the net that are looking to have their bathroom
>remodeled and they would like to see great photo's and we have all
>that.Their has to be hotspots were the homeowner can go to locate
>contractors that are in their local area.But I have searched high and
>low and havn't seen anything that helps.
> I have submitted my url to most of the build type net pages but I still
>get buried. I have submitted my web page to over 150 different search
>engines and directories and nothing.
>And all these great businesses that say they'll advertise your web page
>won't give you much information about small local subcontractor
>installer because they know that there are to few out there that are
>doing any business on the net.

Is that the fault of the directories?
a) What kind of information are you offering at your web site?
b) What are you doing (besides the web) to get them there?
c) What do you expect them to do once they get there and is your site
designed accordingly? d) What is the geographic location of your market?
e) Why compete with the world if you're only able to service a small
piece of it?

Maybe you could send out postcards to local architects, homebuilders,
interior designers, realtors, loan officers at banks, etc. and give them
good reasons to visit your site:
a) offer a 10% discount for orders placed on the web
b) create a "cost-estimator" at your site that gives them an idea of how
much their new floor will cost if they use Italian tile vs. Mexican tile
(or whatever)
c) provide information about financing (maybe links to banks that provide
finance rates online)
d) offer an FAQ section, etc.

Or, pickup a copy of Guerrilla Marketing Online by Jay Conrad Levinson
and Charles Rubin. If that doesn't kick start your marketing efforts,
nothing will.


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