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ONLINE-ADS>> Re: Modem Media's new model

Donna Dolezal Zelzer (
Sat, 28 Sep 1996 12:42:01 -0700

At 12:28 AM 9/27/96, (Cliff Kurtzman) wrote
these words:

I'm more likely to click a
> banner when it is for a product or service I need at the time I am surfing.
> Until that time, seeing the banner continually builds and reinforces my
> awareness of the brand, but I won't click till later. If I later decide I
> need the product or service, and go back and the banner is gone, the sale,
> and all the brand building done, could well be lost unless I am able to
> remember the business name and find the site with a search tool.
> My own experience offline is in some cases similar. Before I started
> buying my tennis gear from the Tennis Warehouse, I used a supplier I knew
> could be found in an ad in the back of Tennis Magazine. I couldn't tell
> you their name, but I'd instantly know their ad when I opened the magazine
> and saw it.
> Building a relationship with a customer requires gaining credibility, and
> that often comes through being visible in a sustained and consistent manner
> over a period of time. Having your banner be there one day and gone the
> next does not seem to be the best way to make yourself findable when
> someone decides it is time to actually buy your product.

I agree with this -- I've been irritated several times when I go back to a
page where i saw an ad I'm interested in, and it's not there anymore.
People need to know where to find you when they need you -- and a
consistent ad placement is one way to do this.


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