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ONLINE-ADS>> Re: HealthGate Guarantees click-rate

Varun Arora (
Sat, 28 Sep 1996 22:35:03 +0530

Bob Wyman wrote:

> This is mixing apples and oranges. You are comparing impressions
> (number of eyeballs) to response to impressions (click-throughs). One
> is necessary for the other, however, they can't be directly compared.

Bob, a very comprehensive answer, addressing everything I said.
My apologies - I guess I over generalised. It's the specifics which
make the difference: audiences, spots on pages of entirely different
nature, etc..

I have a few rookie questions for you:

1) Which analyser software are you using? Are you satisfied with it?
Is something better available, at a good enough cost-benefit ratio?

2) What do you think about what I said regarding design of click through
ads? Are agencies in the US competent in such design? From what I've
seen so far, and the debates in other related digests, it doesn't
that way.

> measuring a spot's historical yield "makes no sense" or is
> "ridiculous." We have clear statistical evidence that it does make

I take it back - I over-generalised.

> also refuse paying a flat-fee for impressions. The CPM should be tied
> to the historical yield of the spot in which the impressions are to
> be generated.

And what does one do for a new site? The reason I'm asking is that our
site, IndiaWatch, is due for launch in a month's time, and it is now
that we have to decide on vexing issues like click-throughs.

Is a general policy adequate or should one consider this on a
case-to-case basis? For example, why in God's name would anyone want
to click on a banner advertising, say, Head & Shoulders shampoo? I mean,
how many people would be interested in learning more about the product?
It's a shampoo, it works, I buy it. Period.
What's your experience on this?

> Please... I've been using the Internet for over 15 years... I know
> it's not simple. We base our filtering on more than just the root
> domain name of the node. We also analyse who the IP block was
> assigned to and who it's admin or technical contacts are. For

Bob, let me say what I understand from filtering ads according to

As the visitor comes in, your system would automatically decide whether
to serve x ad to him/her, to serve y ad, or to serve a
non-geography-focus ad.

If that's correct, how could this system possibly use anything BUT root
domain filtering? In our case, e.g., even if you program the system with
IP address blocks (doesn't seem an elegant way of doing things, but then
I'm still earning <g>), you'd still think a visitor from
was from the US. Surely the system doesn't use whois and analyse the
results, and THEN serve the ad.

Or am I, as usual, missing something here? <g>

> come from an IP address block assigned to MCI. If this was "simple,"
> I would offer filtering today not "soon."

Bob, let me be perfectly honest... I'd love to see this happen and,
hopefully, learn how to do it myself. Unfortunately, I can't see a
foolproof way to do this... but I'm sure you have something in mind.

Thanks for your reply - it certainly cleared a few issues. I look
forward to the next. :)


- Varun.

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