NONE: ONLINE-ADS>> Re: Modem Media's Proposed New Ad Model

ONLINE-ADS>> Re: Modem Media's Proposed New Ad Model

Greg Hollingsworth (
Sat, 28 Sep 1996 13:12:00 -0700

We're pretty new to the net advertising field and I have been following
this discussion with some interest.

It end to fall in with the group who maintains that the media's
responsibility is to deliver content which attracts an audience, while it
is the advertiser and their agency who have the responsibility to
evaluate the medium for its suitability for their product and to create
an advertisement which will attract that audience to click-through to
whatever they maintain on their site.

Anything else amounts to the media becoming a partner in the advertiser's
business. I know few business people who would be willing to give an
advertiser such a position.

The real challenge for the media will remain, as it has always been, to
develop content which will attract and retain an audience. Their
responsibility ends there, with that audience delivered to the
advertiser's banner, etc.

If the advertiser's product or message are not sufficiently compelling to
motivate the viewer to read and follow-up, how can the mediaa be held

Furthermore, I would suggest that such a system would leaad to horrific
instability among the various media sites, with failures far
out-numbering successes. In the chaotic environment of the web, this will
make it impossible for advertisers to place their ads on sites they can
be confident have the right audience.

Rather than a "win-win" senario, this would seem to be a "lose-lose" one.

Greg Hollingsworth,
Hollico Group

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