NONE: ONLINE-ADS>> Re: Subcontractors are left out on the internet!

ONLINE-ADS>> Re: Subcontractors are left out on the internet!

Bob Brand (
Sun, 29 Sep 1996 00:06:36 PST

Hi Bill,

>From: Bill Furner <>
>Subject: ONLINE-ADS>> Subcontractors are left out on the internet!

BF>To Online :
BF>There seems that there is this big international push on
BF> the internet and the local people that want a piece of the
BF>internet pie are not getting anything for thier efforts. You
BF>search in all the major search engines and what do you
BF>come up with is almost nothing related to the thing you
BF>typed in. What could happen unless some
[lots deleted for clarity]

There is a strong trend afoot on the Net for community
involvement. For example, if you do a Yahoo search on
your town or city, there is a good chance that you will
find websites related to your community. This may include:
town government, police dept, park & rec, newspaper(s),
churches, libraries, clubs, activities, and of course businesses.
Here in CT this is happening and I have seen this while surfing
to other towns. Try it. For example, enter Danbury CT or
Trumbull CT and watch what comes up.

One of the problems, IMV, is that many local newspapers
view the I-Net as a threat to their advertising revenues and
there is a tacit 'anti-web' sentiment. You will see lots of
URLs in magazines but few (except in the entertainment
section) in the local newspapers. The real estate folks
are starting to use the Web and slowly these ads are
showing up in newspaper print ads - very slowly. There
are a few newspapers that 'have seen the light' (I write
a column for one) namely that the I-Net can compliment
the newspaper -- however, most paper remain clueless.

Since your business is local, Bill, you may want to network
with local websites. Over time, as search engines get
overloaded with data, surfers will try local sites and
the links they find there. Some of these 'local' webmasters
have surprisingly good sites because they are clean, easy
to read, and devoid of the heavy graphics/sounds found on
flashy sites.

Just my two cents.

BTW, it was a real thrill the first time I entered my name
in Altavista and the very first match was on an article I wrote.
I check all the engines now to see when the various
spiders were at the site. So far, Excite has been the best.


.+'^'+. | Robert R. Brand
+ Bob + |
`+,_,+` | Newtown, CT USA

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