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Re: ONLINE-ADS>> Controlled Emailing

Mon, 31 Mar 97 08:41:01 PST

I have read with great interest recent talk on this list re: spamming.
I have a two-part question I would like feedback on from
those on this list.

1. An associate uses an autoresponder to send a FAQ
document to persons who have visited his home page and
want more product info than is available at the site. This
method enables him to get e-mail addresses for those
who have shown thru this behavior a higher level of interest
in product than those who have just browsed the homepage
and left. He databases those e-mail addresses. Several
weeks after they have requested info from the autoresponder
and if they have not closed on sale, he'll send a polite f-up.
Soooo.... is this f-up spamming? What are your thoughts
on this?

2.. This same person is contemplating a move of the
info on the autoresponder to his site -- the simple 'if you
want to know more" click here .. hyperlink to the next
page with all the detail. He's been up-in-the-air on this
because he doesn't want to lose the e-mail address info
(and f-up capacity) he gets by keeping the detailed info
on the autoresponder. Reactions? Solutions? Other's

Thanks much!
Cynthia Freyer
CFNA, Inc.


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