NONE: Re: ONLINE-ADS>> Multiple Path Tracking?

Re: ONLINE-ADS>> Multiple Path Tracking?

Chris Luther (
Mon, 31 Mar 1997 17:02:59 -0600

>My question is this: Is there any way to do this *without* actually
>mirroring the site five times? The specific information that we are
>looking to capture is (1) How many people came from each path and (2)
>How many of those people from each particular path actually submitted
>the enrollment form.

Bill, I don't know how complex your site is but here are a couple of ideas.

* For less complex sites you only need to "mirror" directories, not the
entire site. For example, you could have four different screens that they
would see, three of them being the pitch and one of these being a form.
Copies of these files would each exist in five directories ( dir1, dir2,
dir3, dir4, dir5 - for Television, Direct Mail, Radio, Take-One brochures).
Use relative references to refer between these pages and on the form
include a hidden field indicating "lead-in" material. Your log files would
provide you "how-they-came-in" info and you can compare this against the
hidden field in the completed forms to determine the fulfillment ratio.
This is a reasonably "low-tech" solution that could be conducted with
simple/free tools and in remote site serving situations. I have something
similar set up with my site, which exists on our IAP's server. On our
IAP's web server we use the FormMail cgi by Matt Wright - This creates email messages which
are processed into our database using a custom AppleScript which controls
Eudora and Filemaker Pro. This setup doesn't report correctly for users
who stray from a predetermined path.

* If your server and the client both support cookies you could have a
cookie planted on the client by the HTML landing pad, and report the
content of this cookie in your form.

* Dynamically created web sites have other options. On Mac-based web
servers the "Tango/Bolero" database server/reporter combination is hard to
beat for real-time user tracking information. (

I hope this helps. Now can you could just give me a couple of hints on
selling sponsorships for my national radio program......


Chris Luther
Associate Producer v: (512) 477-4441
Byrd & Block Communications, Inc. f: (512) 477-4474
PO Box 2203
Austin, TX 78768


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