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ONLINE-ADS>> Tranistory benefits from Search Engines

Sanford Carr (
Wed, 2 Apr 1997 15:34:46 -500

Thought I'd share a brief tale:

About the second week in March I noticed an increase in site traffic
that I couldn't explain. My Sherlock_at_ pages on internet search
tips and resources are fairly well-linked, but almost always to the
entry, and these visits were coming in to one of the earliest
articles - one on using the Alta Vista Advanced Search features.

After a little investigation and a look at referer logs, I finally
figured it out. An excite! search for alta vista was turning up my
tip page at the top of the list!

Sadly, this positioning has now ended, but in the three and a half
weeks that we were in the top spot I gained about 12,000 visitors and
added 30 new subscribers to our mailing list.

So, excite's exclusion of the REAL Alta Vista site from its database
and the serendipity of placement was a nice, unexpected benefit.

Sanford Carr
Publisher, Sherlock_at_ - The Internet Consulting Detective


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