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Leo Sheiner (
Thu, 03 Apr 1997 22:44:51 +0100

"Ryan Scott" <> writes:
>WHY people would want a list of people who were tricked into getting
>on that list in the first place is incomprehensible. In the real
>world, that might work. But on the Net, it does not, yet.

I am not entirely sure you are right here Ryan. This thing is neither black
nor white plus we are dealing with a rapidly shifting demographic on the
web. There are some rather subtle shades of grey. For a start it depends on
who your community is. If your audience is technonerds who have been on the
Web since its inception I would agree you would be ill advised to use
addresses from an autoresponder to maintain a continuing dialogue. However,
depending on the circmstances, it might work effectively with an audience
that has come on line in the last twelve months *provided* your Email was
offering some content the majority would find interesting and appropriate
and providing you give them a simple remove function.

We run over forty corporate sites, among them is a content site for the
Chemical Industry That site has an opening form
page for registration. Sure we lose a few who take fright at giving us
their Email address and we get some who give us nonsensical or just
incorrect addresses. But our view is that with the valuable and growing
content we are offering free of charge, if someone doesn't want to tell us
who they are or where they heard of our site, we can live without them.
Over 96% provide accurate information on that welcome form. A cookie
insures that most only see that form once. If their cookie gets overwritten
we give them a checkbox which tells us they have visited before. We also
give them a checkbox to say that they are not interested in hearing about
developments on this site. We religiously respect that wish.

The overwhelming majority whether through inertia or choice leave the
tickbox as yes. This is giving us a rapidly growing mailing list which we
use every two weeks to provide information we believe to be of value. That
consistently brings some people back to our site. Again we lose less than
one percent each time through requests for remove, and those tend to be
students who have stumbled on to the site for research or curiosity etc.
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