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Re: ONLINE-ADS>> College student audience

Stacy Smollin (
Tue, 08 Apr 1997 12:51:52 -0400

Craig Swerdloff wrote:

>You definitely have a nice alternative there, however this method is a sure
>way to exclude a very large percentage of the college audience. Many
>off-campus students are no longer being provided with free server access by
>their universities. It became too expensive for schools. These students
>are now using the same ISP's and Commercial Online Services that you and I
>are. Therefore DoubleClick's Network can only effectively reach on-campus

Targeting the .edu domain does indeed exclude students logging in from
off-campus if they're not dialing in to their university. It also includes
university professors and faculty in addition to the college student mass.
However, this is a great starting point to overlay .edu targeting over
DoubleClick Network affiliate sites with strong college-oriented editorial.
JobTrak, college career centers online, is a leading site for college
recruiting and business information to hundreds of colleges across the
country. Also, U.S. News Online has created a strong ".edu" section that
details, ranks, reports and provides financial aid information on undergrad
and graduate programs nationwide. Using both of these tools - domain
targeting and editorial targeting - to reach the college market is a very
comprehensive model.

Stacy Smollin


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