NONE: RE: ONLINE-ADS>> The future of ad networks

RE: ONLINE-ADS>> The future of ad networks

Jim Waltz (
Thu, 17 Apr 1997 18:38:11 -0500

"Mark J. Welch" <> wrote:
>I have put together a brief essay or outline on what I believe will be
>"the future of ad networks" and posted it online at
> -- I would appreciate any
>feedback, comments, or suggestions.

There is a lot of great, well-thought-out information here, and I would
recommend that everyone here read Mark's piece. However, one glaring
ommission involves niche networks like DMN Media (
and CliqNow.

At DMN Media, we only represent quality music and entertainment sites with
100,000 or more monthly impressions. Since we focus on music, we have a
built in core audience that is very attractive to a large group of
advertisers, such as record labels, clothing manufacturers, music
retailers, Artists, and others. It is kind of like buying a keywork on one
of the search engines, except that we don't charge you and arm and a leg
and the keyword is always available.

Because we can also target ads by Operating System, ISP, Browser, Domain,
Geography, and Music Genre, our 'niche' network still appeals to most other
advertisers, such as corporate, software, computer, ISPs, Search sites,
Local sites, and many others.

As DMN Media has grown, we have learned that segmenting the online
marketplace into categories like Music, Movies, Games, Sports, Finance, etc
really helps to maximize advertisers' results, as reflected in our
network's 3.6% average click-thorugh rate. This average includes Large
Corporate advertisers that have already saturated the marketplace- some
targeted campaigns have consistently seen over 20% click rates.

I am not sure that DMN Media will ever mature to the point of supporting a
niche network that would directly benefit Mark's Law Practice, but we will
be expanding shortly into other realms of entertainment, such as Movies,
Sports, and Games, bringing our experience and success to those markets.

DMN Media's results have shown us that ad networks can in fact optimize a
particular market segment online, providing broad targeted reach to
advertisers and connecting them efficiently with deserving sites.

I will be at the Web Advertising '97 conference in Monterey, CA next week
and would like to make myself available to any of you interested in
discussing our experiences with the niche ad network approach. If you
would like to get together in Monterey, please reply to my privately.


Jim Waltz, Director Sales & Marketing
Digital Music Network /DMN Media
319 Main Street, Stoneham, MA 02180 p: 617.279.2895 f: 617.279.3507

DMN Media- reach millions of raving music fans with Bullseye Precision!


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