NONE: RE: ONLINE-ADS>> Home Page Survey

RE: ONLINE-ADS>> Home Page Survey

Kenneth C. Jenks (
Mon, 21 Apr 1997 05:55:05 -0500

Jim Sterne <> wrote:
>Good idea, or bad idea?
>I really can't decide.
>Steen Outdoor Advertising wants to know if their advertising
>is effective. Good for them. However, they're going to stop
>you at the front door and make you tell them before you enter.
>Bad for them?
>The home page at says:


>I found it so easy to clickthrough, that it didn't
>bother me much. Is this a light enough touch that
>it won't keep people away? Or are they shooting
>themselves in the home page?

We found that even a really obnoxious, intrusive survey will get good
results if the user feels that he will be rewarded appropriately (with good
content) and not penalized (by adverse publication of "private"
information). Users know that their input is valuable -- as is the attention
they pay to advertising.

A really extreme example of exactly how valuable user surveys and
"advertisee" attention really is can be seen in one of the systems like Gold
Mail or Juno, which reward the user, either by money or services, for his
participation in the advertising campaign.

Paying attention is the coin of the realm.

-- Ken Jenks, Editor-in-chief, Mind's Eye Fiction -- The First Web Publisher


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