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Re: ONLINE-ADS>> Home Page Survey

Donna Dolezal Zelzer (
Sun, 20 Apr 1997 11:39:23 -0700

At 8:08 PM -0800 4/18/97, Jim Sterne made this statement of rare insight:
> Good idea, or bad idea?

> Welcome to Steen Outdoor Advertising!
> Please click on one of the choices below to enter our site:
> [] Saw our web address on our billboard
> [] Found us on a Search Engine
> [] Followed a hotspot from a non-search-engine site
> [] Linked from another page
> [] Saw the Web address on our billboard
> [] Saw it in our magazine ad
> [] Saw it in our direct mail piece

If the page is quick-loading, it might not chase people away. It would be a
lot less time-consuming than something with tons of graphics to load.

I'd add a few more choices, though:

[] Recommended by a friend
[] Saw in newsgroup or mailing list
[] Saw in book or magazine article
[] You're in my bookmarks!

(Well, I suppose for the last one, people aren't going to bookmark the page
that has the question, but if the questions were added after the page had
been bookmarked, it might be pertinent.)

And I know these items have nothing directly to do with their advertising,
but they are still ways people find out about the site, and are worth


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