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Re: ONLINE-ADS>> Interstitial webcasted advertising....

Donna Dolezal Zelzer (
Sun, 20 Apr 1997 12:10:23 -0700

At 3:28 PM -0400 4/19/97, xerxes made this statement of rare insight:
> >From one perspective interstitial advertising (ad takes over entire screen
> for 5-15 seconds) appears to be one of the leading motivations for certain
> types of push technology.
> Advertisers, many of them, want/need/demand venues on web sites that
> are more intrusive than ordinary banner ads........
> However, from another perspectve, the NYTs article points out that there
> seem to be many folks out there, consumers and business executives, who
> harbor dark
> feelings about the traditional broadcast advertising model's use in

Count me as one of those people who harbor dark (very dark) feelings about
this intrusive tupe of advertising.

To me, as a long-time computer and internet user, my computer and my
internet use are things under MY control and I don't want anyone forcing
things my way i don't want to see (or don't want to see at that time.)

A few practical questions:

*I assume "taking over entire screen" actually means browser window? Or do
they open up a new window that fills the screen?

*What will stop someone from hitting the stop or back buttons? Or going
over to another application until the ad is done? (I do the latter all the
time for slow-loading pages.) And if they actually figured out a way to
stop you from doing any of that, I'd make a point to write both the
advertiser and site with complaints, and tell everyone I know to avoid both.

*And what about leaving the computer to do something else while the ad is
running? People do this all the time with TV ads and I do it myself when a
web page is slow to load (but I really want to see the site)

> Will interstitial advertising inconvenience dial-up users? Perhaps that
> should be phrased another way. How many of what kind of users will be
> inconvenienced by interstitial advertising? Is there any way to avoid or
> mitigate a backlash to Interstitial webcast advertising?

As a dial-up user (28000 baud) I would be inconvenienced by this kind of
advertising. One thing that __might__ mitigate it for me would be if the
ad were informational and tightly integrated with the content of the site.
But even then, I might not want to see that particular information at that
time. Some of us use the web for work or research -- we don't want to be
interrupted by a stupid ad.

This is a big reason why I'm so against push on the web. Push technology in
combination with intelligent agents that pushes things you've asked for
(and only when you ask for them) is one thing and could be very useful.

But push that pushes what and when __someone else wants you to see__ is
totally different and horribly intrusive.

Another thought: Is it possible to tell the connect speed? If it is, why
not skip the interstitial ads for people with slower connections? Better
yet, just send those ads to the people with webTV -- most of them probably
won't be bothered by intrusive ads, since it's what they're used to seeing
on TV anyway.


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