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Susan M (
Wed, 23 Apr 1997 17:59:13 +0200

Hi. I've been lurking for nearly two months now and find the information
in this discussion group to be extremely useful. I've started to try many
of the techniques described by the group for a couple of business
opportunities that I am promoting.

I wonder if anyone can help with regard to a query I have about companies
offering autoresponder services. I have read that one needs to be careful
not to use a company that allows bulk e-mail and collects addresses from
those requesting the autoresponders. Not only do individuals become aware
of the autoresponder addresses to avoid, but ISPs are also aware of these
and block use of them.

I have recently set up two autoresponders with Jet Online, whose
autoresponder addresses end with I have been posting
classified ads in many areas over the last several weeks, and I have not
yet had a single request for one of my autoresponders. I find it hard to
believe that my ads are so poorly written that I haven't yet peeked
anyone's curiosity! I have tested the autoresponders myself, and they
function promptly and return a copy of the requester's message to me

The service at Jet Online was prompt and courteous, and, although one
submits one's autoresponder text automatically, I had some trouble with
characters from my Danish keyboard and the customer service department
manually remedied this problem in minutes. The service is also extremely
inexpensive -- a one time setup fee of $10 and annual fee of only $5 with
unlimited changes permitted and requesters' messages forwarded to you.

Has anyone had any experience with this company or does anyone know if this
company's autoresponders are to be avoided due to address-collecting and

Thanks for any feedback.

Susan Mathiesen

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