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ONLINE-ADS>> banner ad click-through study

Michael Kantor (
Sat, 26 Apr 1997 10:37:08 -0700

I read the banner ad click-through study at

and while I found it interesting, I have to seriously question their
methodology, as I do most internet studies, and their results.

They claim a banner placed at the lower right increases click-through by
228% over having a single banner placed at the top of the page.

Problem 1. Few sites only place a banner at the top of the page. It is
very standard to have a banner at the top and bottom, however, the study
does not directly compare the Webs predominant advertising method to their
lower right corner findings.

Problem 2. They do not address the quality of the click. A banner next to
the down arrow will certainly receive a great deal of clicks by accident
since this is where people go to scroll down. How many of these people
clicked on the banner because they were interested in the banners message?
I could easily create a banner in the shape and size of the down arrow and
place it in the lower right hand corner and break all records for
click-through, but does that benefit my brand or product.

I have a great deal more to say about this, but it's a beautiful Saturday
and we all work too hard in this industry as it is.

I'd like to hear some other opinions.

Michael Kantor
VP Advertising


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